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Afghan High Peace Council. 
The Afghan High Peace Council is composed of a number of influential members of Afghan society to include politicians, statesmen, military, academic and other walks of life. The purpose of the High Peace Council is to seek reconciliation with insurgents to end the war.

Establishment of High Peace Council.  The creation of the High Peace Council was endorsed by Afghan tribal leaders at an Afghan National Consultive Peace Jirga (NCPJ) in June 2-4, 2010. The three-day national peace jirga or peace conference had nearly 1,500 attendees composed of government officials, tribal leaders and elders, and other representatives. The High Peace Council was created in September 2010.

International Community Support.  The international community has supported the council and funded its activities of reconciliation and reintegration.

Head of High Peace Council.  Burhanuddin Rabbini was the head of the Afghan High Peace Council until September 2011.  A former member of the Northern Alliance, former Afghan President, and head of the Jamiat-e Islami party, he was chosen by President Karzai to head the High Peace Council.  In September 2011 he was assassinated by a suicide bomber posing as a Taliban peace envoy.  Rabbani was an ethnic Tajik, a fighter against the Soviet invasion, and a fierce enemy of the Taliban.

Composition of High Peace Council.  When initially formed, there were 70 members of the council.  Many members of the peace council are prominent Afghans; however some question if the council is composed of people who have influence with the Taliban and who are associated with past war crimes and corruption.  The members of the council include tribal elders, religious scholars, women, former warlords, intellectuals and academics, and members of government.  For a listing of the original members of the High Peace Council and a critique of the member composition see "Warlords' Peace Council" - an online article by Martine van Bijlert on the website of the Afghan Analysts Network.

List of Members of the Afghan High Peace Council

Prof. Burhanuddin Rabbani - Appointed as chairman of the High Peace Council (later assassinated in September 2011)
Sibghatullah Mujaddedi
Pir Syed Ahmad Gilani
Ayatollah Sheikh Muhammad Asif Mohseni
Prof. Abdur Rab Rassoul Sayyaf
Haji Muhammad Mohaqiq
Syed Noorullah Sadat
Syed Mansoor Naderi
Haji Suleiman Yari
Muhammad Ismail Khan
Dr Farooq Wardak
Professor Nimatullah Shahrani
Arsala Rahmani
Maulvi Pir Muhammad Rohani
Haji Muhammad Naeem Kochi
Haji Din Muhammad
Mullah Taj Muhammad Mujahid
Maulvi Muhammad Shah Adil
Haji Fazal Karim Aimaq
Maulvi Qayamuddin Kashaf
Maulvi Mohiuddin Baloch
Maulvi Shafiullah
Arif Khan Noorzai
Muhammad Daqiq
Ataullah Lodin
Anwar Khan Ishaqzai
Hassan Takhari
Maulvi Abdul Hakim Mujahid
Asadullah Wafa
Maulvi Khudaida
Qazi Muhammad Amin Wiqad
Habibullah Fawzi
Muhammad Akbari
Abdul Hadi Arghandiwal
Maulvi Shahzada Shahid
Muhammad Ismail Qasimyar
Amir Muhammad Agha
Faqir Muhammad Khan
Muhammad Yusuf Waezi
Abdul Ghani Khan Tokhi
Sher Muhammad Akhunzada
Haji Amanullah Otmanzai
Abdul Wahid Baghrani
Khalifa Qazal Ayyaq
Maulvi Qalamuddin
Engineer Ibrahim Spinzada
Haji Moosa Khan Hotak
Maulvi Salikzada
Abdul Hameed Mubarez
Siddiq Ahmad Osmani
Aminuddin Muzafari
Syed Muhammad Amin Tariq
Baz Muhammad Khan Zurmati
Abdul Khaliq Hussaini
Haji Muhammad Daud Zahidyar
Muhammad Hashim Faulad
Maulvi Jora
Haji Sherin Khan Noorzai
Haji Fazal Karim Fazal

Women on the council:
Sara Surkhabi
Jamila Hamidi
Hawa Alam Nuristani
Najia Ziwari
Siddiqa Balkhi
Gulhar Jalal
Dr Gulalai Noor Safi
Qamar Khostai

The list of names taken from "Circling the Lion's Den" posted on Friday, 1 October 2010.








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