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ISAF News Sites

ISAF.  International Security Assistance Force - Afghanistan.

ISAF Blog.

ISAF Transcripts.

ISAF Casualty Reports.


ISAF News Releases. Archives from 2003 to 2009.

Department of Defense News Sites

American Forces Information Service News.

Afghanistan News.  EUCOM Blog.

Bagram Airfield News.  U.S. Air Force Central.

CAN in Kandahar.  Military News for Canadians. Last post Nov 2010.

Canada's Engagement in Afghanistan.  Government of Canada.

CENTCOM News Blog.

CENTCOM Special Reports.

CJTF-82 Press Releases.

COMISAF Advisory and Assistance Team (CAAT).

Early Bird - Current News Service.  DoD OASD Public Affairs.

Defence News - Afghanistan.  United Kingdom.

Department of Defense Websites.

Middle East News.  U.S. Army.

NTM-A Headline News.  NATO Training Mission - Afghanistan.

Office of Defense (OSD) Early Bird News.

Pentagon Channel on YouTube.

Shoulder to Shoulder.  NTM-A News.

US Forces Afghanistan Press Releases.

United States Central Command.  Afghanistan Page.

United States Department of Defense News.

US Air Forces News.

US Army News.

US Army Corps of Engineers.  Afghanistan Engineer District.





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