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Bloomberg.  Afghanistan News.

Boston Globe.  World News - Asia.

Christian Science Monitor.  Afghanistan news by Michael Hughes.

Examiner.  Afghanistan Headlines.

Financial Times.  Afghanistan news.

Los Angeles Times.  Afghanistan & Pakistan.

Miami Herald.  World news.

New York Times.  Afghanistan news.

Stars and Stripes.  Military news about the Middle East to include Afghanistan.

Telegraph.  (UK).  Afghan news, video, and pictures.

The Guardian.  News on Afghanistan.  A UK publication.

Wall Street Journal.  Asia news.

Washington Post.  "America at War".

Washington Post.  "Obama's War: Mission in Afghanistan".

Washington Post.  "The AFPAK War"

Washington Times.  World news.

USA Today.  "Troops at Risk".

USA Today.  World news.

Magazines and Periodicals

Armed Forces Journal. AFJ is a Gannett Company publication.

Army Times News.

Afghanistan Crossroads.  CNN World.

Foreign Affairs - Asia. Published by the Council on Foreign Relations.

Georgetown Journal of International Affairs. Georgetown University.

Georgetown Security Studies Review. Georgetown University.

The Atlantic. International News.

The Economist.  Asia news.

World News.  Time Magazine.

Online News Organizations

ABC.  World News.

AOL News.  Afghanistan war news.

Security Watch BackChannels. Christian Science Monitor.

BBC News - South Asia.  Daily news online.

BBC News.  Pashto Language.

BBC News.  Dari Language.

Backchannels Security Watch. Christian Science Monitor.

Breaking Defense. Formerly AOL Defense.

CBS News World Watch.  Afghanistan.

CNN.  Afghanistan news and videos about Afghanistan war.

CNN Asia News.

Danger Room. What's Next in National Security.

DEFCON Hill. The Hill's Defense Blog.

Defense News. A Gannett Company.

Defense One. National Journal Group.

Defense Talk - Afghanistan.  Global defense & military portal.

Defense Tech. Where Technology & Defense Intersect.

DoD Buzz. Online defense and acquisition journal by

Fortuna's Corner. Afghanistan Category. A retired intelligence officer tracks the news.

Fox News.  Afghanistan.

Google News.  Keyword "Afghanistan".

Kings of War. UK Focus on military affairs.

MSNBC.  South and Central Asia News.

Marine Corp Times.  News.  Afghanistan news.

Military Briefing Book.  Online news on COIN and Afghanistan.

Military Industry Today.  Afghanistan War News.

National Public Radio (NPR).  Afghanistan.

Reuters.  Afghanistan news.

Special Operations Journal. Published by the Special Operations Research Association (SORA).

The Diplomat. Central Asia News.

The Huffington Post.  Afghanistan: Pictures, Videos, Breaking News.

The Jamestown Foundation. Afghanistan articles.

Huffington Post Afghanistan War Blog

United Press International (UPI).  War in Afghanistan.

Yahoo!  News page on Afghanistan by Yahoo News.

NGOs, Political, Policy and Research Organizations

Afghanistan Project.  Center for a New American Security.

Afghanistan Research and Evalutation Unit (AREU) Blog.

Asia Society.  Afghanistan policy and politics.

Centre for Conflict and Peace Studies Afghanistan (CAPS) Regional News.

Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).  Articles and postings about Afghanistan.

Doctors Without Borders.  News results on Google.

Federation of American Scientists (FAS). Blog.

FAS Strategic Security Blog. Federation of American Scientists.

FAS Secrecy News Blog. Federation of American Scientists.

Foreign Policy in Focus. Afghanistan tags.

iCasualties - OEF.  News and casualty reports and data.

ICRC in Afghanistan.  International Committee of the Red Cross.

Human Rights Watch.  Afghanistan Page and News.

NATO Watch. A virtual think-tank that promotes a more open, transparent and accountable North Atlantic Treaty Organisation.

RAND Corporation. Latest publication releases.

Star-Tides Blog. Sharing to Accelerate Research - Transformative Innovation for Development and Emergency Support.

The AFPAK Channel.  News of the Afghanistan War by Foreign Policy and the New American Foundation.

The Jamestown Foundation.  Reports about South Asia to include Afghanistan.

Central Asia News and Blogs

Registan. News of Central Asia and Afghanistan.

Inside the Cocoon. "Central Asia Today".

Sifting the Karakum. "Independent News from Turkmenistan".

The Bug Pit. "Military and security in Eurasia".

Choihona. "Independent News from Uzbekistan".

The Jamestown Foundation. Central Asia News and Analysis.

United Nations Organizations

Afghanistan.  United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

Food and Agriculture Organization of UN - Afghanistan.

UNAMA News.  United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan.

UNICEF - Afghanistan.  Newsline.

UN News Centre.  News Focus: Afghanistan.

United Nations News Focus.  Afghanistan.

World Food Programme - Afghanistan.  United Nations.

World Health Organization - Afghanistan.  United Nations.

IRIN Humanitarian News and Analysis. Afghan News.

Open Source Intelligence Web Sites and Forums

Open-source Intelligence. By Wikipedia.

Earth Intelligence Network

Public Intelligence Blog. "The truth at any cost lowers all other costs"

General Military News and Blog Sites

Association of the United States Army - Headline News

Association of the United States Army - Publications

Lexington Institute - Early Warning Blog

World News Service Clips - Naval Insititute!world

The Olive Branch -Blog of the United States Institute of Peace

United States Institute for Peace - Articles & Analysis on Afghanistan

War Council Blog.

Army Doctrine and Training Publications - New Releases

General News Sites on Afghanistan

Center for a New American Security - South Asia

Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS) - Afghanistan


Not So Current
(no longer up to date but has content)

PBS Online Newshour.  Afghanistan and the War on Terror.

Battleland Time. Last post July 2013. "Military intelligence for the rest of us".



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